Ultra Sleek Parking Sensors

Quality that Pays for it self

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Ultra Sleek Parking sensors the only company that provides you with Quality Front and rear Parking Sensors that you can rely on.

Their are alll sorts of reason why you need Front and Rear Parking Sensors for your New or old car today.

We are here to prevent damage to your bumper bars and your vehicle, or possibly something alot more seirous. Our Job is to offer you a solution before its to late.

 Ultra Sleek Parking Sensors has a range of Best Front or rear parking sensors that you can have installed to offer you the protection you need for the front of the vehcile.

Ultrasleek sensors can be fitted to new cars as well as to older cars, caravans and trucks. 

The LED display will help guide you from objects in front of your car via a left and right bar graph, and distance measurment in the middle of the display which will inform you how close you are getting to the object and alert you to stop.

Ultar Sleek parking sensors are the leaders in Front or Rear parking sensors and are also approved and installed all over the world for major Manufacturers and dealerships which we are not oblidges to specify due to Technicalities, If you compare Ultra sleek front sensors and the programming of them to your local Mercedez benz you might be surprised.

Get the Best Front or Rear Parking Sensors Australia has Seen from one of our recommended agents 

You might see a huge resemblance, the main reason for this is performance stability and reliance. We have topped it of by including programmable data box this is what makes us unbeatable in Front Car Parking Sensors, the Best Front Parking Sensors Australia has seen on the market and we stand by it with our 5 year Guarantee.

Ultra Sleek must be Installed and adjusted by Approved and  trained technicans of ultrasleek franchise.