Ultra Sleek Parking Sensors

Quality that Pays for it self

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Best Quality Parking Sensors

  • Super wide detection capability that senses 160 degree horizontally                          

    60 degree vertically.

  • Faulty sensor detection built in.
  • Customizable sensor length (programmable).
  • Built in spare tyre bypass ( Programmable).
  • Fits both flat and angled bumpers.
  • Can Be colour matched Control both front or rear sensors.
  • Supports two and four sensor head installations.
  • Easy Installation with colour connectors.
  • Flat... Style Sensor Heads
  • The Only Parking Sensors that wil operate on nudge bars and bull bars.
  • The Only system that can by pass spot light on the front or rear of your Vehicle.
  • The Only system with 10 point adjustument to deliver you outstanding dection.
  • Complete on site Installation of Rear Parking Sensors.